Winnerdoor@ Granfiume - Fiume Veneto (PN) exhibition

April 2017, Winnerdoor®

The Winnerdoor® door is the result of in-depth research and careful design carried out starting from the technical, safety, insulation, comfort but also design requirements deemed necessary today. Particular study is reserved to the new construction techniques. All materials are selected with extreme care; the production and assembly are made in Italy because Winnerdoor® appreciates the contribution made by local staff, who are highly specialized and work with care and passion for craftsmanship. This way of operating creates entrance doors with high standards of quality and safety and a sophisticated design, customizable products not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in technical performance, up to involving advanced home automation choices. Winnerdoor® is thus the right answer both for those who want a good, robust and functional front door, and for those who want more, an advanced system in which to integrate the front door.

From 10 April to 7 May the innovative features of the Winnerdoor® entrance doors will be presented at the Granfiume shopping center (formerly the Emisfero Shopping Center) in Fiume Veneto (PN). Such advanced home automation, of the aluminum / wood and aluminum versions with thermal break of this revolutionary door, built with craftsmanship passion 2 steps from Udine.

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