Winnerdoor @ CittàFiera (UD) exhibition

January 2017, Winnerdoor®

Outside the world, varied and unpredictable. Inside our house, just as we want it. A door separates them. To be chosen with care.

"A door is first of all safety,

to let only whoever you want into the house.

It is good insulation, both from heat and cold and from noise.

It is quality of materials, durability and ways to repair it easily, if needed.

Today it is a lot of technology for those who want it, and beauty."

When is a door beautiful? It depends on tastes, but there are those who meet the needs that are so different as to satisfy every request. Winnerdoor®, for example. With all Italian design and quality. Winnerdoor® doors have the side exposed to the outside in aluminum, safe and durable, the one visible in wooden houses, which transmits charm and warmth. Between the two layers, numerous tricks, all to be discovered.

From January 30th to February 26th we invite you to touch the quality of Winnerdoor® entrance doors at the CittàFiera shopping center in Torreano di Martignacco (UD). The specialized staff will show you the main features, details and accessories of the versions in aluminum / wood and aluminum with thermal break, such as advanced home automation and concealed hinges (novelty 2017 - just successfully presented at the BAU in Munich), applied to the models on display.