Winnerdoor @ Belforte - Monfalcone (GO) exhibition

March 2017, Winnerdoor®

From the simplest door, well insulated and sturdy ...

Even those who want a "simple door" rightly expect a good level of thermal insulation, for summer and winter temperatures, and acoustic insulation to shut out the confusion. Winnerdoor® combines aluminum and wood with a system of three thermal expansion joints that leaves the different materials free to react to hot and cold independently and flow vertically and horizontally.

The door thus always works perfectly.
Noise is eliminated by a specific internal plate and gaskets around the frame, designed to act as a barrier for sounds as well as to strengthen resistance to water and wind.The external aluminum shines for durability and strength, the internal wood for beauty. Both are easy to clean and maintain at their best. It is also possible to choose between different models of frames, doors, handles and pull handles, glass inserts and proposals only in aluminum. And of course also the simplest solution points to safety, to the defense of those who live at home. Because the door of your dreams exists!

From 6 March to 2 April we invite you to discover the quality of Winnerdoor® entrance doors at the Belforte shopping center (formerly the Emisfero Shopping Center) in Monfalcone (GO). Our collaborators will show you the main features, the details and all the accessories, such as advanced home automation, of the aluminum / wood and aluminum thermal break versions of this innovative door, built with craftsmanship passion just a stone's throw from Udine.

Get to know Winnerdoor®, the 100% MADE in ITALY front door and take advantage of the dedicated promotion !!!